About USW

Family owned and operated in America, for more than 30 years U.S. Wire and Cable Corporation has stood for reliability, quality and innovation.



Reliability is our founder’s mantra and company’s focus. We make and keep promises the old-fashioned way, with timely delivery of best-in-class products. Our “customer first” mindset is predicated on great service that ensures every customer can trust and rely on U.S. Wire & Cable.

Unparalleled Quality

U.S. Wire and Cable has always set the industry benchmark for excellence in product quality standards. Our commitment to excellence is the foundation on which we were built and remains our focus today.


U.S. Wire and Cable’s leadership in innovation is evident in all facets of the company, from product development and design to manufacturing processes and delivery systems.


U.S. Wire & Cable Corporation encompasses four industry-leading divisions in the garden hose, metal stamping, power cord and industrial lighting sectors: Flexon Industries, Winzeler Couplings & Metals, U.S. Wire & Cable and Voltec Power & Lighting. Together, our companies and brands bring decades of unmatched innovation, experience, value and service to retail partners, distributors and consumers. U.S. Wire & Cable Corporation owns and operates two manufacturing facilities and six distribution centers in the United States, with supplemental offshore production capabilities.

For more than 60 years, Flexon Industries has set the standard for manufacturing quality garden hoses for professional and home lawn and garden care. Based in Newark, New Jersey, Flexon is a family-owned and operated company that manufactures products domestically, giving it a competitive advantage over companies that source products overseas.

Voltec Power & Lighting joined the U.S. Wire & Cable team in 2016. Voltec is known for its proud heritage, new product development and dedication to the service. Together, Voltec and U.S. Wire & Cable deliver customers a robust offering of power cords, task lighting and power distribution systems. The Voltec brand is dedicated to servicing and growing its Electrical and Construction channels.

Winzeler Couplings & Metals joined the U.S. Wire & Cable team in 2023. Winzeler Couplings & Metals has long set the standard for manufacturing high quality metal couplings and ferrules for various industries including lawn & garden and automotive. Winzeler Couplings & Metals continues to be one of the most reliable and most trusted precision metal stamping suppliers in the world.

Our commitment to consistent quality, product innovation, and customer service, has resulted in long standing relationships with our retail partners.

Company Founder

Alex Folkman

Flexon Industries was founded by Alex Folkman in 1956 with a vision towards building a company on three pillars: quality, service and family values.  For over 63 years, Mr. Folkman has stewarded his organization according to these principles and has demanded the same of his employees and family.  The result is a family of companies that has enjoyed remarkably consistent growth in their reputation and market share.  Today, with the leadership passed to the next generation of the Folkman family, Flexon and US Wire continue to grow and service their customers by staying to true the very same pillars of quality, service and family values.

Joseph Folkman

Chairman of the Board

Joe’s primary focuses are operations and strategic planning, as well as overseeing the corporation’s financial and accounting activities. Continuing the legacy of his father who started the company in 1956 and together with his partner, David Rauch, Joe has embraced the brand promise of reliability, quality and value.

David Rauch


David Rauch has been an executive of Flexon Industries, a division of U.S. Wire & Cable, since 1979. Over the years, David has stayed true to the company’s core values and operating strategy. David has systematically grown the company year over year, ensuring its leadership position in the lawn and garden and electrical industries. Together with his partner, Joe Folkman, David leads the effort to nurture a family business culture that places an emphasis on combining an outstanding professional relationship with a personal touch for all Flexon’s customers.

Warren Swindlehurst


Since 1997, Warren has worked to expand the company’s reach and depth of product offerings. Warren has 35 years of international sales experience. He held a senior sales position at PepsiCo and brings his deep experience to U.S. Wire & Cable’s customers. He leads the corporation’s three divisions with an emphasis on building and maintaining customer relationships, strategic planning and manufacturing.